Who will catch Wake?

Rob Bradford
July 13, 2009 - 8:26 am

ST. LOUIS -- American League manager Joe Maddon is usually accommodating when it comes to answering every kind of question. But in the case of who will catch Tim Wakefield in Tuesday's All-Star Game, he couldn't come up with definitive response. "Is there any?" Maddon said when asked which of the AL catchers might be assigned the task of catching Wakefield. "Whoever is going to catch him is going to be uncomfortable. But you can't choose to not pick somebody because you're concerned who is going to catch them. I thought about that in the selection process. I have caught a knuckleball and it's not fun." Maddon said he has heard Minnesota backstop Joe Mauer has some experience catching a knuckleball, but after that the manager is flying blind. "If you want to really think about it, for the catchers who have not caught a knuckleball pitcher it really is not fun," Maddon said, "especially in these circumstances."