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Why Alex Cora was laughing after Eduardo Nunez got drilled in the stomach

Rob Bradford
June 12, 2018 - 12:12 am

BALTIMORE -- It was only 87 mph, but getting hit in the stomach with a baseball is never fun. Eduardo Nunez can attest to that.

Nunez felt the pain of such an instance in the 12th inning of the Red Sox' 2-0 win over the Orioles, getting plunked by Mychel Givens directly in the midsection. The hit-by-pitch made the Red Sox' batter immediately crumple to the ground.

As is the custom, Red Sox manager Alex Cora came out to check on his player. But once there, the reaction from Cora wasn't what anyone expected. He started bursting out laughing while Nunez continued to writhe in pain.

After the game, Cora explained ...

"He was going, ‘Oh my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I’m not gonna die. I’m not gonna die.’ I felt so bad, I just, I couldn’t stop," the manager said. "It was funny. Whatever. At least he made me laugh in the 12th inning of a close game. ... He’s not dead. He’s alive."

Nunez elaborated, explaining he wasn't addressing Cora, but rather a teammate who seemed genuinely concerned.

"Brock (Holt) was so worried," Nunez said. "I said, 'Brock, I'm not going to die. It's just pain.' They thought it was funny. I saw Alex laughing, which made me laugh too."