Why Stephen Drew doesn't wear glasses anymore

Rob Bradford
July 22, 2014 - 3:47 pm

TORONTO -- Much was made after Game 6 of the World Series (besides the fact that Red Sox won a championship) regarding Stephen Drew using contact lenses for that final game of the season. He hit a home run, so that seemed like a logical explanation for the offensive slump he endured throughout the postseason. So when Drew started out this season wearing glasses, it appeared a perfectly acceptable transition into a new look for the shortstop. But during his recent upswing at the plate, Drew hasn't been wearing those glasses. In fact, he hasn't even been wearing contacts. Here's the deal ... A few weeks back Drew's glasses were scratched so he went back to contacts. The problem was that after having Lasik eye surgery eight years ago, the contact lenses would dry out his eyes, creating further issues. Finally, in the past few weeks, Drew has found a suitable solution. As long as he keeps his eyes moist there really aren't any eyesight issues to deal with, so before each at-bat he uses eye drops. As has been evident over the five games entering Tuesday night, with Drew hitting .412 (7-for-17) with a home run and five walks. "I think Stephen Drew the last five or seven games is back to the level of production we anticipated," said Red Sox manager John Farrell before Tuesday's game at Rogers Centre. "He's in a pretty good place right now."