Wiggy to Drew Brees: 'You have to see my frustration'

Rob Bradford
June 04, 2020 - 6:18 am

The outrage wasn't difficult to find Wednesday.

Voices from all over the sports community could be heard responding to Drew Brees' comments to Yahoo! Finance in which the quarterback pushed back on any protests involving the National Anthem or flag from the United States of America.

Appearing on the Dale & Keefe Show Wednesday Jermaine Wiggins made it clear he also was not thrilled about Brees' remarks.

"I understand your grandparents fought for this country and we thank them for them putting their lives on the line and we have some ability to do things but Drew your life is not like my life," Wiggins said when asked what he might say to Brees. "My grandparents died at the hands of this country from being lynched and because of the color of their skin, Drew. I walk into a store and I have all eyes on me, Drew. I'm driving around through a neighborhood in a nice car Drew and I'm getting pulled over because, 'What's going on?' You don't have to deal with that. You have to see my frustration. When I'm upset at my country, my family member, and I'm not talking to them and I'm taking a knee and I'm showing I'm not happy with you I'm not disrespecting them. I just want them to feel my pain."