Will Middlebrooks on trade rumors: 'I have a good opportunity here'

Rob Bradford
July 27, 2013 - 5:09 am

PAWTUCKET, R.I. '€“ Will Middlebrooks can'€™t remember previously being involved in trade rumors during his professional career. That'€™s why the last few weeks have been somewhat foreign. '€œI have a Twitter (account), but I'€™m not on it. I'€™m just trying to keep my nose out of it,'€ he said prior the Pawtucket Red Sox'€™ Friday night game at McCoy Stadium. '€œBut I hear from all the guys. I hear about Jake Peavy '€¦ I'€™ve heard Jake Peavy. I'€™ve heard Cliff Lee. '€œAll these guys in here who bring it up to me are like, '€˜You'€™re going to get traded to the White Sox. That would be a good opportunity.'€™ I have a good opportunity here. I don'€™t need to get traded to have a good opportunity.'€ Middlebrooks, whose name was surfaced earlier in the week in regards to trade rumors involving White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy, has found better production '€“ and health '€“ of late while playing for the PawSox. Prior to going hitless Friday night against Lehigh Valley, the third baseman had managed four straight two-hit games. He enters Saturday night hitting .269 with an .811 OPS and eight home runs with Pawtucket. While he still has to manage a bulging disc in his lower back, Middlebrooks feels his overall physical conditioning has turned a corner. '€œThe back stuff is really just starting now to go away,'€ he said. '€œI had the DL stint, came off it and I felt better, but it was still there a little bit. Lower back is something that will feel better but a few days later it will flare up again. It's something I had to learn to take care of. I wouldn't say I'm 100 percent, but this is the best I've felt all year.'€ Middlebrooks also noted that his mindset had taken a turn for the better from when he struggled to a .192 average and .617 OPS in 53 games with the Red Sox. It'€™s a different outlook than when he first found himself having to make the drive from his Boston condo to McCoy Stadium on a daily basis. '€œYou know it's easy to lose your job, and I was trying not to lose my instead of going out there and just playing baseball,'€ said the 24-year-old. '€œI don't care what other people think. I control what I can control. What other people think doesn't bother me.'€ For more on Middlebrooks, click here.