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You're going to want Eric Hosmer after reading this

Rob Bradford
November 14, 2017 - 10:28 am

ORLANDO -- Scott Boras will most likely be doing his thing with the assembled media at the GM meetings Wednesday, singing the praises of such clients as J.D. Martinez and Eric Hosmer. That's his job.

What's interesting is listening to some of the other folks who are around these potential Red Sox free agent targets.

First, there was Arizona hitting coach Dave Magadan, who said when asked about Martinez by, "I've been around a lot of good players, good people, a combination of the two, but what he did on the field and what he did in the clubhouse, I've never seen anything like that."

Now, we have the topic of Hosmer.

The first baseman would seem to be at the top of the Red Sox' wish-list, joining Martinez and Giancarlo Stanton. He is 28 years old, and coming off a Gold Glove season in which he played in 162 games while hitting .318 with an .882 OPS and 25 home runs.

Hosmer is going to cost some years, some money and even a draft pick, but according to Royals general manager Dayton Moore, it all might be worth it.

"Hos, he's got just a lot of special characteristics," Moore told from the GM meetings Monday. "The way he handles himself in the community, the clubhouse, and certainly on the field. He's very prepared. He can help you win games in a lot of different ways. Running the bases. Making a play at first base. Certainly his at-bats when the game progresses get better and better. He has the ability to make adjustments. He handles the ball away from him very well. To me, he's one of the very best people and players I've been around."

While Hosmer has age and position going for him when matching up against Martinez, he doesn't have the power numbers the Red Sox may be prioritizing. While the lefty hitter was clubbing 25 homers in each of the past two seasons, the former Diamondbacks outfielder was totaling 105 homers over the past three years.

Moore has an answer for those concerns.

"If you told Eric Hosmer, 'We need you to hit 40 home runs,' he would be able to hit 40 home runs. He's that type of athlete," the Royals GM said. "He's that smart. He likes to play a complete game. Eric Hosmer will lay down a bunt. Eric Hosmer understands situations. He's a true baseball player. He studies the game and prides himself on trying to beat you in multiple ways. He's not one-dimensional. If you want him to hit home runs, he will hit home runs. He's a very balanced player. He likes hitting for average. He's got the ability to center the ball on the bat in different areas of the strike zone, and he can handle the ball away very well."

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