Roger Clemens says he doesn't care about the Baseball Hall of Fame. (Getty Images)

Roger Clemens on MFB: Cooperstown voting process is 'weird'

August 14, 2014 - 7:40 am

Roger Clemens, who is being inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame, joined Middays with MFB Thursday to discuss his career and his chances of reaching Cooperstown. With the length of eligibility being cut down from 15 years to 10, Clemens, who has not gotten in on his first two years on the ballot, is eligible to get in for eight more years. He'€™s received less than 40 percent of the votes (75 percent is needed for election) in each of his first two years on the ballot due to his connection to performance-enhancing drugs. "I can'€™t control any of that," Clemens said. "All I can do is what I did, and I proved my case with the facts and everything that I need to do there. "I find it kind of weird that people have to vote on how good you were or weren'€™t anyway, and most of them have never played the game anyway. I don'€™t really put a lot of stock in it either way. I know most of the guys at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, I'€™ve taken the boys there to play and they have a bunch of my memorabilia there that I go and show them, so I have a great time there anyway, but if that happens, great." Clemens said he finds the whole voting process "weird," noting that players who get in on their 15th year of eligibility, such as Jim Rice, should be elected in their first year. "It took him I don'€™t know how many years to get in," Clemens said of Rice, "so I called him and said '€™Congratulations. I don'€™t know how you got better in 10 years to get in; I don'€™t know if you hit a bunch of home runs in a pickup semi-pro league or what, but congratulations.'€™ "Either you'€™re good enough to be in or you'€™re not. I don'€™t get punishing a guy or making a guy wait. If they think he'€™s a Hall of Famer, he should be in." Asked if it'€™s tough on his family each year when the voting process and therefore annual PED discussion surrounds him, Clemens said he pays it no mind. "When you don'€™t pay a lot of attention to it, it'€™s nothing," Clemens said. "We don'€™t worry about that day at home. We'€™re so busy, and I'€™m a Hall of Fame dad to them, and I'€™m not the Rocket, and that'€™s just the way we go about our life." After Clemens'€™ interview, fellow Red Sox Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez joined the show. Martinez sang Clemens'€™ praises, saying he considered him the better pitcher and that Clemens had the "best mechanics I'€™ve ever seen from a right-hander." For more Red Sox news, visit