Roommates in Pawtucket: Alex Hassan, Garin Cecchini bonded over major league dream, accomplished together in Red Sox win

June 01, 2014 - 3:49 pm

Back at their apartment in the greater Pawtucket area, Garin Cecchini and Alex Hassan often spend time together. The two of them have lived with each other since the beginning of the 2014 season. Since moving in together, Cecchini and Hassan have grown to be very close. Both of the players own dogs that they take care of together and the pair's girlfriends have grown very close. When Cecchini found out about Hassan getting the call to the majors, Cecchini said he was more excited than Hassan for his friend and teammate's opportunity to make an impact. Little did he know that just a couple of days later, he would get the same call from Ben Crockett. After Dustin Pedroia got ejected in the second inning of Sunday's 4-0 win over the Tampa Bay Rays, the roommates were suddenly on the field together, making their major league debuts. Hassan got his first hit in the big leagues in the fourth inning, a single up the midd off of lefty Erik Bedard. It was only a few innings later that Cecchini followed suit with an RBI double off the Green Monster in the seventh. Rather quickly, Hassan and Cecchini became the first Red Sox rookies to make their major league debuts and get a hit in the same game since September 28, 1975, when Steve Dillard and Andy Merchant accomplished the same feat. The day for the two roommates was a dream come true. "It's awesome, man," Cecchini said. "This is the way we kind of lived it up, kind of dreamed of. This is a dream come true for both of us. " Cecchini and Hassan first met in spring training after the former was drafted in the fourth round by the Red Sox in the '10 Major League Baseball amateur draft out of Alfred M. Barbe High School in Lake Charley, La. While the two did not know each other very well, the two have since become very good friends since moving in together. "We became close," Cecchini said. "It's a fun ride." When Cecchini saw Hassan get his hit in the fourth inning, all he felt was pure excitement. Hassan, however, seemed to think more about how he could help the team by scoring rather than his newfound achievement. "It was a relief certainly to get the first hit," Hassan said. "At that point in the game, it was 0-0 and Jonny [Gomes] just got a hit and I got a hit and Jackie [Bradley Jr.] had a really great at-bat that inning. Brock [Holt], obviously with the double. I think it was initially a relief and then I was focused on scoring a run." After Cecchini got his first major league hit with an RBI double off the Green Monster, Hassan had an opportunity to knock his roommate in from second base. Cecchini was cheering on from his spot across the diamond. "I was rooting for him when I was on second base," Cecchini said. "Just thinking about back at McCoy and him raking and with me on second, I was hoping to have him drive me in, but he had a good at-bat." While Hassan will go on the next road trip with the team, Cecchini is headed back to Pawtucket. Until he is reunited with his roommate again, Cecchini will be among Hassan's biggest fans. "I hope he gets five hits every game. Just so happy for him man." Cecchini said. "He got his shot and he's doing well. This is a dream come true for him." Hassan said that having Cecchini around for his first major league start was somewhat comforting. "I was really happy for Garin," Hassan said. "The way he came into the game was pretty unexpected. He did a nice job and he made one really nice play on the double play that he came and got and tagged third and then threw to first. He was impressive. It was nice having him out there." While the roommates never talked about making it to the big leagues together, both realize that they accomplished something together in their major league debuts. "It was always kind of a dream of ours to make it to the big leagues, like everyone," Cecchini said. "It happened and we've produced.