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Tom Brady hopes Aaron Rodgers avoided serious injury: NFL is much better when you're watching him play

Ryan Hannable
September 11, 2018 - 10:53 am

Probably the biggest storyline in Week 1 was Aaron Rodgers injuring his knee and then coming back in the second half to lead the Packers to a thrilling win over the Bears on Sunday Night Football.

It's unclear what Rodgers' status is moving forward, but Tom Brady hopes he doesn't miss any time.

“I know everyone in the NFL, I am sure all the fans are hoping he avoided anything really serious because he is such a spectacular player, and the NFL is much better when you’re watching him play," Brady said on Westwood One Radio with Jim Gray.

Brady added: “I always love watching him. I like watching the Packers play. I actually went to bed at the start of the second half and woke up to see the result. What a game and what a competitor. It certainly didn’t look good when they were carting him off, but he has a lot of toughness. He’s been playing the game a long time and he figured out a way to get the job done. It was an incredible game.”

The big debate across the league is who is the better quarterback -- Rodgers or Brady -- but the Patriots quarterback didn't want to chime in.

“Everyone would love to hear that answer from me," he said. "People have asked me what I think and everyone is fit for a different system. How do you compare? This is for sports-talk radio. Everyone is right for the right system. He’s right for that system. Joe Montana was right for his system and a lot of time is the system develops around the skill-set of the quarterback. There’s a lot of different ways to get the job done. There is not one way of playing quarterback. I have seen it with all different types of players over the course of my career. It’s ultimately about moving the ball down the field and scoring points. I will leave that debate for all the bars and all the sports-talk shows. I’m not giving any rankings 1-5.”

Brady and the Patriots will host Rodgers and the Packers on Sunday Night Football Nov. 4.

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