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Adam Schefter on K&C explains Josh McDaniels' decision to stay in New England, what it means for future

Ryan Hannable
February 07, 2018 - 7:57 am

Appearing on Kirk & Callahan with Gary Tanguay on Wednesday morning, ESPN's Adam Schefter, who broke the story of Josh McDaniels staying in New England, tried to explain exactly what happened and why he's remaining offensive coordinator of the Patriots.

“Nothing really changed because the truth of the matter was that he had been vacillating all along," Schefter said. "I think what happened was there was a period when he was ready to remain in New England. Then, the Colts had their second interview with him. Chris Ballard the GM and the owner Jim Irsay flew in and helped basically sooth his fears and concerns and then of course they returned. It is the kind of thing that he went back and forth on. Now we get down to the critical hours, here is really what happened.

"Over the last couple of days, the Krafts get involved and make it such that they convey that they do not want him to go. They want him to stay. To the point where they sweeten his contract. Now I know people will say, ‘They promised him he can succeed Bill Belichick.’ Let me just say this, we have no idea whether Bill Belichick is going to coach two more years, five more years, 10 more years. You can make any promise you want, it doesn’t really matter that much today, right?

"The biggest thing to me is he never really felt entirely comfortable making that move. He has four kids in New England schools. I don’t think the family was all that thrilled about going. He is very comfortable here and in the end when the owners of the franchise come to you and convey how important you are, how appreciated you are, how valued you are, they want you here, they re-do your contract to keep you here, it is not that hard to sway his thinking when there was some thinking all along he would stay. And at that moment, he was a little vulnerable to stay and they got him to stay.”

Schefter went on to say as of now he believes McDaniels is the successor for Belichick, but noted there are a lot of factors involved and things can change very quickly, just like McDaniels no longer going to Indy.

“We know [Belichick is] going to coach this season, we know that," he said. "I believe that he has multiple years left on his contract. We don’t know whether that is two or three, but I believe he has more time than this year. No one knows for sure other than Bill Belichick and the Krafts. I believe he has more than this year left on his contract, and I don’t know the exact number. Let’s just say at least two, maybe three left on the deal. At that point in time, they could say to him we’d like you to take over for Bill, but do you know what is going to be happening to that franchise a year, or two, or five, whenever Bill decides he’s done coaching? None of us do.

"Even if they said to him — first, you can’t have a signed agreement, it is illegal. Secondly, if they said to him, ‘Josh, you’re our guy whenever Bill is done.’ OK, how do we know two years from now the Jacksonville Jaguars what to hire Josh McDaniels. I’ve heard a few people say, ‘No other team is going to hire him after this.’ I don’t believe it at all because there are teams stuck in head-coaching spots or positions and if they want a guy at a certain time, they will make a move for a certain guy.”

Added Schefter: “Again, I think at some point I think Josh McDaniels is the successor in waiting, whenever that is. Again, that is how it may feel today. Again, things change. Last week, it felt like Josh McDaniels was going to be the coach [of the Colts] and now he’s not. It is tough to predict. We can point and say all of these signs point in a certain direction, that is fine, but as we see over and over these things are fluid and they change.”