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Adam Schefter on K&C explains why Patriots traded Jimmy Garoppolo to 49ers, not Browns

Ryan Hannable
October 31, 2017 - 8:21 am

On Monday, the Patriots reportedly traded Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers for a 2018 second-round pick.

Appearing on Kirk & Callahan Tuesday morning, ESPN's Adam Schefter shared more details on what led to the trade, including why the Patriots traded him now after reporting the two sides discussed an extension this offseason.

“My guess is the more time goes on, you go into the season, you have hopes, you have excitement," he said. "Really, as great as Tom [Brady] is, you don’t know that he’s not going to show any decline at 40, or what is going to happen there. He seems to get better. It’s just another season. So Jimmy is sitting there, I am putting myself in Jimmy’s shoes and you say, ‘Look, this guy is not falling off. I am going to be waiting a long time. Maybe mentally I can prepare to move on or not sign any deal we’ve discussed.’

"Again, I think discussions occurred at an extension. I don’t think they got very far or very serious. I think Jimmy recognized the chances were he was going to move on. They recognized they knew he was going to move on. I think they took it as long as they felt they could take it, which is the day before the trade deadline and into their bye week. Why do you think all of a sudden the conversations started occurring yesterday between them and the 49ers? I wasn’t expecting that.”

Schefter also gave a few reasons for the Patriots dealing him to the 49ers instead of the Browns, who showed interest this offseason. One of those reasons was the franchise once fired Bill Belichick.

“I don’t know who they did and didn’t talk to yesterday. I don’t know what offers they did and didn’t have, or could have gotten," he said. "I think that basically, they are going to do what is best for them. They made the decision that the time was right to trade Jimmy for whatever reason and I think ultimately they preferred to send him out of conference, away from Cleveland, to a place they thought would be putting him in to groom him. I think that again, the most important factor, I want to emphasize this, is they are going to do what is best for them. Not anyone else, but there are other little intangible factors in which San Francisco checked the box that I don’t think Cleveland would have. I think they like the people out in San Francisco a lot. They have respect for them. It’s out of conference. They trust that place to do right by Jimmy and it’s not Cleveland, which once fired [Belichick]."

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