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Adam Schefter via K&C: Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia will get multiple head coaching offers this year

Ryan Hannable
December 15, 2017 - 10:44 am

For the past several years, whenever a NFL head coaching job opens up Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia's names are at the top of the list, and this year will be no different.

Appearing on Kirk & Callahan Friday morning, ESPN's Adam Schefter estimated there would be between 8-10 head coaching jobs made available following this season, and McDaniels and Patricia would be at the top of the list for most teams.

“Here’s the thing as it pertains to New England: the one question that teams continually say to me is who are filling these jobs? Which candidates are filling these jobs? There do not seem to be an excess of candidates out there," Schefter said. "I think there are good candidates out there. It is up to teams to find them. Inevitably the first team and the first names you go back to are Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia. Those are the first two. To me with Josh, it’s always been a question of can he get the right opportunity? Can he get a spot where he’s comfortable with the GM, happy with the quarterback and in a position where he’s good with the entire situation. And if he is, then I think he would be willing to leave.

"Matt Patricia, I think his wife is from the Foxboro area, his family is very happy. I don’t think he is looking to leave. I think teams are going to make it hard for him to stay because I think there’s going to be enough interest. Teams are going to make runs at both those coordinators.”

Some have wondered if Bill Belichick's future is at all tied into to these two staying or leaving New England. Schefter believes Belichick isn't close to retiring.

“I don’t see that," he said "I don’t think Bill thinks he’s near the end right now. I know he’s done it for a long time and you wonder how much longer — his energy level and his drive are as great as it has ever been. I don’t know whether he coaches two more years, or eight more years, 15 more years, I have no idea. I don’t think he knows. I don’t think he’s thinking about that, so it is hard to go approach one of your assistants when they are as qualified as they are and say, ‘hey, I would like you to take over for me’ when you have no idea how much longer you’re going to coach. No idea. It is not fair to them.

"To me, if either one of those guys gets an opportunity that’s attractive and appealing, I don’t think you can turn it down. Whatever they are making as coordinators, the Patriots are taking good care of them, but a head coach in this league, they are going to make $4, 5, 6 million a year. It’s hard to turn that down I think in this particular case if the right opportunity comes along. I believe both McDaniels and Patricia are going to be approached by multiple teams and have multiple chances to go.”