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After a bounce-back week, Bill Belichick, Matt Patricia praise Malcolm Butler

Ryan Hannable
September 26, 2017 - 2:19 pm

What a difference a week makes.

A week after both Bill Belichick and Matt Patricia seemed a little disappointed with the inconsistency of Malcolm Butler's play, the two praised the cornerback following his strong performance against the Texans on Sunday.

"I think Malcolm did a good job," Belichick said on Tuesday's conference call. "I mean, all of our defensive backs I thought were pretty competitive. We had some scramble yardage and loose plays and things like that. But I mean, the normal passing game we were pretty competitive on. But like anything else, there are certainly a lot of things we can do better. I'm not saying it was perfect or great by any means. We've still got a lot of things we can improve on."

Added Patricia: "I thought Malcolm [Butler] played really well. We certainly didn’t play great at all as a defense. I’m not saying that but I think the guy really tried to go out and play extremely hard. This is a very competitive guy. Malcolm steps up to the challenges that you place in front of him. He goes out and competes, he works hard, he tries to do it the right way and he really tries to get better every week. Look, we had a productive week last week for him and working through. But it’s a new week and we’re going to try to get the same consistency every single week and that’s what we’re trying to do. That’s really what we’re trying to go after.

"I really thought in the game, I thought he really tried to do what we asked him to do and do it the right way. Week in week out it’s different for us so sometimes that’s hard. It’s not always easy to change maybe a technique or change a coverage or change a responsibility or an alignment. It’s going to be different so sometimes that stuff comes together a little bit better than others. But I thought he really tried to do it the way we wanted to and it’ll be a different deal this week so we’ve got to make sure we get that going."

After not starting against the Saints in Week 2, with Eric Rowe out with a groin injury against the Texans, Butler got the start and based on the way he played and hearing the comments from the coaching staff Tuesday, it seems Butler is back on the right track.