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Alabama LB Rashaan Evans, who may be targeted by Patriots, says he could be just like Dont'a Hightower

Ryan Hannable
March 05, 2018 - 10:20 am

Bill Belichick and Alabama head coach Nick Saban have a pretty good relationship, which helps when the Patriots have their eye on a Alabama prospect in the draft.

As always, there are a ton of Alabama players coming out and one of the bigger names this year is linebacker Rashaan Evans.

Evans could be a potential late first-round pick, and if he's on the board when the Patriots select it wouldn't be a surprise to see them take Evans, who can play both inside linebacker and outside linebacker, given their needs on defense.

In fact, Evans said he sees some of Dont'a Hightower's game in his own.

"I actually saw how Dont’a Hightower came from the inside and they moved him to outside and he still had success at that," Evans said last week at the combine. "So I think that was something I looked at as kind of a model for me if I would have played for them, I feel like I could do the same things that Dont’a does. And I think that’s good, too, because Dont’a’s really kind of paving the way for guys like me to show that Alabama players are as versatile as anybody else in the draft.”

Evans knows the linebacker position is changing, and he needs to be able to do different things to stay successful in the NFL.

“I feel like the game is changing a lot," he said. "Linebackers are now having to kind of walk out and line up on receivers and be able to have more versatility, so I think it’s a good thing for a guy like me to be able to do so many multiple positions. It just lets them know they have lots more chances to change up different schemes and be able to fit me in wherever they need me to fit in. They also need a guy that has the IQ to be able to know how to play in coverage, also know how to fit gaps but not only that, have the ability to rush on the edge.”

As a senior he was elected captain and finished the year with 74 tackles, 13 for loss, and six sacks.

Evans had an informal meeting with the Patriots last week in Indy.