Bill Belichick: Nick Caserio is doing things differently this year, but that's not unusual

Ryan Hannable
November 22, 2019 - 12:27 pm

FOXBOROUGH -- Nick Caserio is one of the most important people in the Patriots organization, but he rarely gets discussed.

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While his official title is director of player personnel, Caserio does a number of different things.

“Nick has such a great -- he has a vast amount of experience and talent in a number of different areas, so depending on what our needs are and that could be a little bit week-to-week, but it is probably more season-to-season that he can do so many different things and do them well that we can utilize him in the areas we feel will have the biggest impact and the most affect on positive results for our team," Bill Belichick said Friday. "We’ve always done that. We’ll continue to do it. He’s coached multiple positions, had multiple responsibilities in the personnel department, continues to have a strong role in both areas. Sometimes it is maybe a little more or a little less in one area than another to offset expanded duties on the other side. He is also involved in a lot of contract things.

"It’s a pretty full plate. Sometimes it gets divided differently, but it is usually full and sometimes spilling over the edge a little bit. He does a great job in all those areas and has been extremely valuable to me on so many levels for such a long time. When things pop up that need to be done, it’s hard to find maybe a younger person, a less experienced person on your staff or in your organization to do those things, you look at him and say he can do them and that maybe allows you to shuffle some things in other areas.”

Caserio was connected to the Texans this offseason for their GM opening, which hasn't been filled, but the Patriots filed tampering charges against Houston ending those discussions. Caserio's contract expires this upcoming offseason and his future in New England remains uncertain.

Belichick did admit Caserio has done things differently this year, but it's not out of the norm.

“He is doing a number of things differently this year," he said. "The details on that would be a much longer conversation. It is different this year. It has been different year-to-year and that’s not a good or bad thing, but our needs and our points of emphasis change, and our staff structure changes — as those things move, he’s there and he’s able to support us in different areas.

"Look, Nick is very unselfish. He works very hard and he is smart, talented and has a great deal of experience across the board. He can pretty much do anything, but not do everything so we have to pick out the things that have the biggest impact.”

Caserio has been with the Patriots organization since 2001 and director of player personnel since 2008.

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