Ben Cherington

Ben Cherington supporting John Farrell: 'We'll get through it together'; Another coach may be added to staff

Ryan Hannable
August 14, 2015 - 2:14 pm

Like the rest of the organization, general manager Ben Cherington was shocked when he heard the news on Thursday that manager John Farrell was diagnosed with stage one lymphoma. Cherington was on his way to Greenville when Farrell called him during a layover. "He called me yesterday," Cherington said. "I was actually on the way to Greenville in between flights and called me -- I had a quick layover and I was sort of in shock so a few minutes to sink in and then I figured out how to get back to Boston last night. I've been talking to him yesterday and this morning." The general manager noted how many people in the baseball world know Farrell and how many have already reached out. He said he's been in communication with him since yesterday and has been able to talk to him as a friend and let him they will get through it together. "There's a lot of respect for him. Not just within the Red Sox organization, but throughout baseball," Cherington said. "A lot of people are already reaching out. He's someone who has spent his whole life in baseball. He's played. He's coached. He's worked in front offices. Obviously he's managed now. He knows a lot -- he probably knows more people in baseball than just about anybody. He's hearing from a lot of people as you'd expect. "We just, as I've been talking to him yesterday and this morning, unfortunately in his position there's these public aspect of it that you have to acknowledge and deal with we have to plan and I've tried to get an opportunity yesterday and this morning just to talk to him as a human being and a friend and let him know I'm with him and that he'll get through it and we'll get through it together. As he said today he'll get started next week." With Torey Lovullo taking over as manager, Cherington wouldn't rule out bringing in another coach to help out as Lovullo was serving as bench coach. "Still working through that," he said. "I wouldn't rule out adding someone to the staff to help with the work and make sure we have enough man power. Just started talking about that today. Obviously we don't have anyone else here tonight and wouldn't rule out having someone join the staff in the coming days. We'll talk to Torey and John about that tomorrow."