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Bill Belichick knows Patriots will get Steelers' best on Sunday

Ryan Hannable
December 12, 2018 - 1:40 pm

FOXBORO -- The Steelers will go into Sunday's game against the Patriots losers of three straight games and now potentially are in danger of missing the playoffs.

Pittsburgh desperately needs a win, especially considering it plays at New Orleans next week.

Speaking Wednesday, Bill Belichick knows the Steelers will not be lacking confidence and the Patriots should expect to get their best.

"You can count on that," he said. "I think if you guys around competitive guys, you wouldn’t see that. So, I don’t really see that. I don’t give that any credibility at all. Competitive people compete. That’s what they do, and certainly that’s what the Steelers are. So, I’m sure we’ll get their best. I think they’ll get our best. We’ll see what happens.If the Patriots win out, they will ensure themselves as the No. 2 seed, so the game is very important to them as well."

Belichick also had a ton of praise for Ben Roethlisberger, especially when it comes to his ability to stretch plays.

"He’s as good as anybody at that, and he’s strong, he can stand in the pocket, stiff-arms defenders, throws the ball," he said. "He’s got great length himself to be able to see over practically everything, he’s got a tremendous arm, can deliver with no wind-up or step into the throw – he can just flat-foot it and fire it 50, 60 yards downfield. So, he’s got great poise, great patience, he knows how long he can wait, and usually a lot of times he waits right until the bitter end and then delivers the ball, and a lot of times, like on the 97-yard touchdown pass to Smith-Schuster, he held it right to the last second, got nailed just as he released the ball and it’s a 97-yard touchdown pass.

"You know, that’s the kind of thing he does. He hangs in there until the last second and makes those throws. He’s tough. He’s really tough. We have a lot of respect for him."

New England has won 12 of the last 15 matchups against the Steelers, but they have yet to be as desperate as they will be on Sunday.

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