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Bill Belichick: Patriots signing James Harrison not 'some big historical event'

Ryan Hannable
December 29, 2017 - 10:09 am

FOXBORO -- It appears Bill Belichick has had enough of the James Harrison questions.

On Tuesday, the Patriots signed the long-time Steelers outside linebacker after he was released last weekend. After not offering much on Harrison Wednesday, the coach was asked more questions on Friday and again he didn't have much to say. He even seemed to downplay the signing.

Belichick was asked if it is strange to think a player who has spent 14 of his 15 years in the league with Steelers is now a member of the Patriots heading into the postseason?

“This is the National Football League,” he said.

After a short pause Belichick added: “Look at any team. This is the National Football League. Players change teams. We have David Harris [spent 10 years with Jets]. If you think this is some kind of unprecedented event, that’s just not what it is. We face somebody that’s been on our team every week. We have somebody on our team that was on some other team that we play against. That’s the way it is every week. This is the National Football League. We’re not talking about college now where players don’t change teams. This is professional football. It’s like that every year. It’s like that every week. It’s like that on every team. So I don’t see it as some big historical event.”

Harrison has practiced with the Patriots each of the last two days and appears to be on track to play Sunday against the Jets.

“He’s worked hard,” Belichick said. “Got a lot of information to process, but he’s working at it. Keep stringing them together here and see how it goes."

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