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Bill Belichick on recent Boston Globe Alex Guerrero story: 'This is another with no sources, right?'

Ryan Hannable
December 22, 2017 - 9:53 am

FOXBORO -- Earlier this week, the Boston Globe published a story reporting Bill Belichick has restricted Tom Brady's personal trainer Alex Guerrero’s access to the team recently, barring him from the team flight to road games and appearing on the sidelines before and during games.

Even though he works with numerous Patriots players, Guerrero is now also only permitted to treat Brady at his private office in Gillette Stadium. Other players need to go to the TB12 Center at Patriot Place.

On Friday, Belichick was asked directly about the Globe story and if the Guerrero-Belichick situation has impacted his relationship with Brady?

“Yeah, this is another [story] with no sources, right? I’m not going to get into that," he said. "Yeah, they were not mentioned.”

So, has Guerrero's access been restricted?

“Look, we have a lot of people that work for our team outside of the team and there are different relationships, different situations with dozens of other people," Belichick said. "I am not going to go through it case-by-case of what everybody does and so forth. That would be impossible to do and I am not going to do it.”

Earlier in the week when asked about he and Brady's relationship, he said every year is different. The coach expanded on that Friday.

“Just different teams, different players," he said. "I mean he’s great to work with. Nobody is better prepared than Tom. He’s always ready to go, always on top of it. He really takes coaching well and has a lot of really good ideas, but each year is different. Our team is different, our players are different, our opponents are different. Every week is different.”

This is Moses Cabrera's second year as the Patriots' strength and conditioning coach. Belichick believes he's done a good job.

“Great. I think he’s done great," he said. "He does a great job. Our team is in good condition. I think they are strong. They are in good condition. They train well. I think he gets the most out of them.”

While Belichick didn't confirm or deny the Globe report regarding Guerrero's access, he did seem downplay the situation impacting he and Brady's relationship.