Bill Belichick on OMF responds to Dion Lewis' postgame comments

Ryan Hannable
November 12, 2018 - 3:52 pm

Following the Titans' 34-10 win over the Patriots Sunday, Dion Lewis took a shot at his former team.

"Hell yeah it's personal. That's what happens when you go cheap," Lewis said, via NFL Media's Mike Giardi. "You get your ass kicked."

He added: "I didn't have to prove anything. I know I can play. I just had to let our team know that these guys are beatable. ... I know those guys. I know that you be physical with them and let 'em have it and they'll fold."

Bill Belichick was asked to respond Monday when appearing on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria.

“I didn’t really see or hear the comments. I am not sure the context of them," he said. "You’d have to ask him about that.”

Belichick added: “Dion has made plenty of positive comments in the past, I am not really sure about this one. But, look whatever it is it is. Right now, we have to worry about what we are doing and our football team. That’s really where our focus is. Whatever else anyone says or doesn’t say is out of our control and I don’t think it is going to effect us too much one way or the other whether it is good or bad.”

Here are a few other (brief) highlights from the interview.

On Rob Gronkowski: “Well, we took him down there because he was doing better, but in the end he wasn’t able to play.”

On Titans calling same trick play series after Patriots called theirs: “[A] shot at what? … Yeah, look when you’re on defense your job is to stop the other team.”

On bye week: “There are some things we need to do regardless of who we play, I’d say somewhat generic, and then we’ll turn our attention to the Jets. Obviously, next week it will be exclusively the Jets. This will give us a chance this week to work on a couple of things that hopefully will help us against the Jets and possibly in other games too.”

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