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Blake Swihart seeking trade is news to Alex Cora

Ryan Hannable
May 16, 2018 - 5:13 pm

The Red Sox’ 25th-man, Blake Swihart, has played in just 15 games so far this season and according to his agent, he wants a trade.

“Yes. We’ve had conversations with the team, and they’re aware of how we feel,” his agent Brody Scoffield told NBC Sports Boston Tuesday night. “Blake’s in a really difficult position. We’ve got a switch-hitter, offensive impact player, and his bat deserves a chance to be in the lineup. 

“Blake’s not the type of player that’s going to ask or demand a trade [on his own]. He’s focused on what’s in front of him and happy having a positive impact on the team and the situation at hand. That being said, I don’t think we’re building any type of trade value, nor helping him progress as a ballplayer, nor is the team really being served by him in this role.” 

According to manager Alex Cora, Swihart hasn’t expressed it with him.

"His agent, I guess you know, he expressed his feelings but he's not the only big leaguer -- first of all I haven't heard it from Blake, and second, it's been an ongoing talk of players asking for trades or whatever throughout the year,” Cora said. “[J.T.] Realmuto and [Josh] Harrison and [David] Freese, and the last time I checked,  Harrison and Freese are very happy with their team. So it is what it is, you know? But he works, man. He shows up and he knows in advance when he's going to play. I let him know the night before and he's ready to roll.”

The Red Sox manager admitted it’s been tough trying to find a spot for Swihart in the lineup and he hasn’t been able to play the outfield because of J.D. Martinez’s preference.

“I think about it everyday, how are we going to do this? I’ve said it from the get-go,  that was honestly the toughest part of the job early — how are we going to do this? It’s tough to do it,” Cora said. “Whenever it comes down to him playing the outfield or DH’ing, I honestly run it through J.D. first. I say, ‘What would you rather do? Do you want to DH or do you want to play left?’ You guys know the answer. It’s nothing against Blake, but J.D., he likes to play the outfield. Whenever we have the chance and we have options, we will check with him and if he wants to play the outfield then Blake will DH.”

Once Dustin Pedroia returns to the roster, which is likely in a week or so, the Red Sox will have to make a move move with him (he doesn’t have options), or Brock Holt (who does have options).

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