Boston mayor Marty Walsh acknowledges games at Fenway Park, TD Garden could happen this summer

Ryan Hannable
May 15, 2020 - 6:07 pm

Sporting events could happen in the city of Boston -- namely TD Garden and Fenway Park -- this summer.

Boston mayor Marty Walsh explained how in a phone interview with the Boston Globe's Michael Silverman.

“As long as the players and the teams and the support staff and all the people that are associated with it are safe and feel comfortable,” Walsh said. “Obviously, their health is important to me as well, many of them are constituents of mine, and even if they’re not constituents of mine, I obviously want people to be healthy and safe. That’s going to be the biggest challenge that they’re going to have to figure out and meet if they’re going to move forward here.”

With that being said, there will be no fans.

“There will be no fans in Fenway Park in July, there will be no fans in Fenway Park in August," Walsh said. “We won’t even be near a situation where there’s herd immunity, and there certainly won’t be a vaccine.”

The mayor is of the mind that sports are a good thing.

“Certainly on the fan side and the psychological side, I think if baseball could come back like we’re seeing in Taiwan and South Korea, I think that that’s good for people to have a distraction," Walsh said. "I think sports is one aspect of that. People have different reasons for distraction, and sports is one, and I think it would help a lot people’s psyches as far as having baseball and sports back. 

“I think football and I understand basketball and hockey might be having similar conversations. I would love to see them come back, personally as a sports fan, but I also know as far as having fans in the stands, for the foreseeable future that’s not happening, just because the numbers don’t allow that to happen. The number of people with cases and enough immunity out there, it’s a huge safety risk.”

No sports have plans to return as of now, but all league's are working through things with the hope of coming back this summer.

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