Sam Kennedy on GHS: Red Sox 'hopeful' to have fans at Fenway Park this season

Ryan Hannable
June 11, 2020 - 9:03 am

Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy joined The Greg Hill Show Thursday to discuss the organization's statement regarding Torii Hunter saying he experienced racism at Fenway Park.

Kennedy also touched on the MLB season, which if it takes place, the Red Sox are "hopeful" fans will be allowed at Fenway Park at some point.

“The first indication is that we’re going to be, owed thanks to the state, we’re going to be — we’re OK to start practice in our facilities and workouts," Kennedy said. "So, we’re working through those health and safety protocols. As we know here in Massachusetts, everything is going to guided by data and it looks like the data continues to improve and get better. We are hopeful at some point in this season that we might have the opportunity to have fans in the park, but obviously those decisions will be made by our government leaders.”

Despite the back-and-forth between owners and players in recent weeks, commissioner Rob Manfred said Wednesday night he's "100 percent" sure there will be baseball this season.

“No one was happier than me to hear the commissioner guarantee last night that we will absolutely have a season," Kennedy said. "Look, as an organization it’s been a tough spring for everybody, obviously much more important issues going on in the country with the pandemic and lots of people out of work and hurting. It has definitely impacted our organization and we’re ready to play baseball and get going. A summer without baseball at Fenway is not something we’ve ever experienced.

"The season will take a different form, obviously, given that we are already hear in mid June and we haven’t started the season, but we are ready to get going as soon as possible and fired up for the Bruins and Celtics to get going. It will be great to have live sports back hopefully sooner rather than later."

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