Alex Cora takes blame for Friday's loss to Astros

Ryan Hannable
May 18, 2019 - 6:00 am

Alex Cora preaches accountability with his players and in turn he's very accountable himself.

Friday was one of those times, as he was particularly hard on himself following the Red Sox' 3-1 loss to the Astros.

Rick Porcello threw seven shutout innings and Cora took a chance by sending him out for the eighth. No. 9 hitter Jake Marisnick doubled, and then on the very next pitch George Springer crushed a two-run homer into the Red Sox bullpen, which proved to be the game-winning hit.

“That was a bad decision. That was a bad one from the get go," Cora said. "I mean, that’s the best lineup in baseball. He goes seven, and every pitch is high-leverage. He did his job, you know? The whole thing about one hitter and get him out, what’s the point? We have the best player in baseball right now with a man at second and no outs, that’s on me. That’s not on Rick. I just made a bad decision, put him in a bad spot, and we paid the price.”

Cora added: “I honestly think seven was, should have taken him out after seven. It’s not because of what happened. I just put him in a bad spot there.”

It wasn't a case of Porcello pushing to go back out, either.

“No, he didn’t say anything," Cora said. "We made a decision. Obviously, I don’t get a mulligan. I don’t. But he did an outstanding job for seven against the best lineup in baseball. It’s not about facing the lineup for the fourth time or whatever, it’s like, every pitch against them is a high-leverage situation. You have to execute and change speeds and keep the fastball around the plate. It’s not an easy lineup to maneuver, and he did it.”

Porcello ended up going seven-plus innings, allowing two runs on six hits, while walking one and striking out three.

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