Red Sox notes: Hector Velazquez to start on Marathon Monday

Ryan Hannable
April 12, 2019 - 4:48 pm

The Red Sox will use a sixth starter on Marathon Monday, as unless he's used heavily out of the bullpen this weekend Hector Velazquez will get the start.

"We're going with six starters," manager Alex Cora said prior to Friday's game. "After the off day on Thursday we've played how many, 20-something in a row? So that's the last time we can actually give those guys a breather. It's by design. There's nothing going on. Hopefully Hector, we don't have to use him a lot over the next few days, and he'll be the guy on Monday.

Velazquez started last Sunday's game in Oakland and pitched three shutout innings setting the tone in the Red Sox' 1-0 win.

Chris Sale was originally scheduled to start, but Cora made sure to point out there's nothing wrong with him and the poor weather forecast for Monday also had nothing to do with it, either. 

Sale will start in New York Tuesday night.

In other news, Dustin Pedroia will start Friday night on the bench, but Cora noted it's all part of the plan to keep his knee healthy.

"He's good," Cora said. "Just stay away from him in the early part of the game today. If we need him late, we'll use him. Tomorrow we play, he should be back tomorrow. But nothing wrong with him. He actually did a good job yesterday. That was pretty cool for him to be involved and we're very pleased where he's at right now.
"He feels that he can play 162. We've just go to be careful with him. It's smart from our end. We can't push him that hard. It's different. You can go to Double-A, Triple-A, but at this level, there's a lot of stuff going on and the game is faster, and your moves are quicker, and it's a lot different. We'll take care of him and see where it takes us, and hopefully whenever we can just say, hey, go ahead. But we've still go to take care of him."
Pedroia is 2-for-8 in his two games this season.

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