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Dustin Pedroia confirms he will play again, but won't commit to this season

Ryan Hannable
July 11, 2018 - 5:28 pm

On Tuesday, after Red Sox manager Alex Cora revealed Dustin Pedroia will go back to Arizona to rehab his injured knee, some wondered if this could potentially be the end of his career.

The second baseman will turn 35 years old next month and still isn't 100 percent healthy following knee surgery last October.

Speaking Wednesday in the Red Sox clubhouse, Pedroia was adamant he will play again.

“Oh yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah," he said. "And I will be better than ever. Absolutely. Absolutely.”

While he said he will play baseball again, he couldn't say for sure it will be this season.

"Just have to let it heal," Pedroia said. "If I get this thing MRI’d in four or five weeks and it’s fully healed then I will play this year. If I get a MRI in four or five weeks and it’s three-quarters of the way healed then I probably won’t. I can’t do anything about time.”

"I can’t control how the human body heals. I would love to," he added. "I would love to play right now. But that’s not really [possible]. I can’t. So, once everything heals permanently and we checked that with MRIs and everything – how I’m progressing – and once that happens, and I maintain my strength and keep working hard at that, it shouldn’t be long. So, hopefully I just heal fast.”

Ideally, Pedroia would stay with the team, but at the stage he's at he feels the best thing to do is to get away.

“I think the treatment that I need, it’s tough to get all that done," he said. "Our staff is trying to get all the other guys ready. It’s tough. So, it stinks leaving the guys, but it’s kind of the right thing to do so I can concentrate on my rehab and not have to split it up throughout the day, things like that. So, they suggested it. It’s not like I’m going to be gone for a long period of time, it’s just at this stage right now, it’s probably smart to do that.”

Fortunately for Pedroia, the Red Sox have the best record in baseball so that makes things a little easier on him being away.

"I'll watch every pitch," he said. "I'm in every pitch with the guys. It's a lot easier going through it when we're 50 games over .500 or whatever we are. So that's the good part."

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