Boston sports coaches on OMF explain what makes Bill Belichick, Patriots so successful

Ryan Hannable
August 21, 2019 - 3:33 pm

As part of the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon Wednesday, all four Boston coaches -- Bill Belichick, Alex Cora, Bruce Cassidy and Brad Stevens -- joined Ordway, Merloni & Fauria for a one of a kind segment.

Belichick joined the conversation late, so before the Patriots coach came on, the other three were asked from their eyes, what makes Belichick and the Patriots so successful?

“The thing that stands out when you go over and watch the Patriots do workouts and sit in meetings and sit in film is they are on one page," Stevens began. "They are in one direction. His message, although has thousands of complexities within each scheme defensively and offensively, his message is concise. It’s ultimately not only well delivered, but well received. You can tell that thing is a juggernaut. That is a train moving in one direction. They know what they need to do to be successful. I don’t think it’s brain surgery the way that I have seen it from up and close and afar is they don’t beat themselves. There are a lot of things in a football game that ultimately lead to that and they are the best at them.”

Cassidy agreed, while also noting much harder it is for Belichick considering the number of players he's managing.

“He has a 53 minimum players and then the practice squad and we’re dealing with 12-22, so a little bit easier for us to probably work our way around the room and get our message individually 1-on-1," he said. "The Patriots have been the best at establishing culture — this is the way we’re doing it. We’re going to get it right and if you’re not on board that is fine, we’ll get someone else. It’s worked for them very well.

"Credit to Bill and credit to ownership. It starts at the top and the players have bought into that direction. We have it with (Patrice) Bergeron and (Zdeno) Chara. We’re very lucky. I am one of the most fortunate guys in the National Hockey League to coach true pros like that. Coming in at a young age I appreciate that. I am sure Brad has his guys that he leans on and Alex the same. Everyone is blessed or not of establishing that culture and have guys that will follow it. He’s done a great job — him and Tom (Brady) obviously, the two faces of the franchise. It has been terrific."

The Bruins coach also brought up how beneficial it was to speak with Belichick prior to their Stanley Cup run this past spring.

“I talked to Bill before the playoffs and he was super," said Cassidy. "We talked for at least 20 minutes about every thing. I can’t say enough good things about him when I had that initial discussion with how open he was and what he thought would be good in terms of helping the group in the playoffs and scenarios. He’s been terrific with me.”

Cora echoed similar thoughts, highlighting the Patriots never seem to beat themselves.

“For me it is the preparation and the way they go about it on Sundays," he said. "It’s just like, ‘We’re going to play this way and if you beat us, you beat us. We didn’t beat ourselves.’ You can go back to yesterday -- man on second no outs and we had a mistake running the bases. That’s on us. We were undisciplined on that play and probably cost us the game. With them, I have been watching this team for 5-6 years, it’s like, 'Wow' at how precise they are. It’s almost perfect. When they lose a game it’s not because they were sloppy or undisciplined, it’s just the other team that Sunday was just better than (them).”

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