Analyzing Bill Belichick's sons' roles on Patriots coaching staff, what it all means

Ryan Hannable
July 28, 2020 - 10:36 am

The Patriots announced their coaching staff for the 2020 season and two of Bill Belichick's sons' -- Steve and Brian -- have different roles for the 2020 season.

Steve, 33, who had been the Patriots' safeties coach for the last four seasons and added the overall secondary to his role last year, is now the outside linebackers coach. Some may look at this as a demotion in a way, but in fact it is the opposite.

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This is expanding his knowledge with the defense and could potentially be setting himself up for the defensive coordinator title as soon as a year from now. It also follows the recent trend of Patriots defensive coordinators -- Matt Patricia and Brian Flores -- working with linebackers before getting that role. Another thought is this could allow him to focus a little more on the defense as a whole this coming season and free him up to spend more time on play-calling duties. 

Overall, Steve has been with the Patriots coaching for nine seasons, and now it feels like his younger brother Brian is following his same career path.

Brian, who graduated Trinity College in 2016, will replace Steve as the safeties coach in 2020, which comes following three seasons as a coaching assistant. He's following the career path Bill likes to have coaches follow -- a few years as a coaching assistant to learn everything about the job before jumping into a position coach role. It helps Brian that the safeties group is one of the oldest on the team, so he will benefit having players like Devin McCourty and Patrick Chung in meetings.

“He brings a lot of stuff,” Steve said of his brother last season. “He kind of has a little more of an intellectual point of view than I have, so we feed off each other. I rely on him a lot to help me out with a bunch of different stuff. He helps me out a lot. Hopefully, I teach him a couple things.”

It's unclear ultimately where Belichick's sons ultimately want to end up in the NFL, but both are set up nicely for whatever role it may be.

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