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Brian Flores on final play vs. Dolphins, including having Rob Gronkowski on field: 'That is on us as a coaching staff'

Ryan Hannable
December 11, 2018 - 12:19 pm

Two days later, people are still talking about the final play in Miami, which saw the Dolphins score a 69-yard touchdown on several laterals with seven seconds left to stun the Patriots, 34-33.

Rob Gronkowski replaced Devin McCourty on the play as the deep safety to protect against a deep throw, but he was the last line of defense in stopping Kenyan Drake and it was no match.

On a conference call Tuesday, defacto defensive coordinator Brian Flores was asked about the play and why Gronkowski was in the game over McCourty?

“You know, I understand why you’re asking that, but I would just say for us, that is on us as a coaching staff," Flores said. "It happened. We wish it hadn’t. We’ve watched it, we’ve corrected it as a staff, we’ve corrected it with the team. Really honestly, we have to move on to Pittsburgh. So, if that situation shows us again, I think we will handle it better.

"Obviously, it was a big one considering that was a situation at the end of the game. Again, I think Bill [Belichick] said this, there was a lot of things in that game that needed to be better. We try to correct everything. That is kind of where I am at. For us and this team, the best thing for us is to move forward, which is Pittsburgh. That kind of is where our focus is and again, we’ve corrected it. We’ve gone though it and we’ll be better in that situation he next time it arises.”

According to Elias, it was the longest game-winning touchdown with no time left in regulation in the Super Bowl era.

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