Former Eagles RB Brian Westbrook didn't like Tom Brady's Howard Stern interview: 'Terrible advice for all children across the nation'

Ryan Hannable
April 10, 2020 - 10:19 am

The reaction to Tom Brady's interview with Howard Stern on Wednesday was very positive for the most part.

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Except for former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook.

Appearing on FS1's "First Things First," Westbrook voiced his displeasure towards Brady for one comment he made during the over two-hour interview where he said he didn’t have a backup plan to his life goal and succeeded by only focusing on that goal.

“I absolutely disagree,” Westbrook said. “To me, this is the worst quote you can ever tell any kid. To never have a backup plan? What do you mean ‘not to have a backup plan?’ I want my kids to have a backup plan in case something happens, because here’s the deal: If I didn’t have a backup plan, then I wouldn’t have went to Villanova — I probably would’ve went to a prep school, or things like that. Sometimes, in sports, in general and really in life, if your first plan doesn’t work then you need to have a backup plan. You have to have something you can do after that first thing doesn’t work.

“So to me, this is terrible advice."

Brady actually told Stern it probably wasn't the best idea not to have an alternative plan.

“I think that was pretty naive of me, to never have those plans,” he said. “But I always just envisioned what would happen, and in a lot of ways it ended up happening.”

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