Brock Holt

Brock Holt on M&F: Terry Francona accompanying John Farrell to chemo treatment 'shows what kind of man he is'

Ryan Hannable
August 18, 2015 - 9:25 am

Red Sox utility player and Jimmy Fund co-captain Brock Holt checked in with Merloni & Fauria, along with Tom Caron during the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon to talk about what the Jimmy Fund does and also to discuss manager John Farrell's recent cancer announcement. To hear the interview, go to the Merloni & Fauria audio on demand page. Farrell told the team last Friday during an unexpected meeting he has stage 1 lymphoma. Holt said it shocked everyone and felt like the team was going through it with its manager. "When he told us we all kind of sat there and jaws were dropped, like what do we do, what do we say? You're not really ready for something like that to be told to you," Holt said. "It was a difficult day for everyone I think, but part of our job is to go out there and play every night and fortunately we were able to do that put some runs on the board and play a good game." Farrell's first day of chemotherapy is Tuesday and Indians manager and close friend Terry Francona accompanied him to Mass General Hospital for his treatment. "That kind of shows the kind of man that Terry is," Holt said. "I have never met him, but obviously he was the manager here for a long time and Dustin played for him and Dustin says nothing but good things about him. It just kind of shows what kind of man he is and that is a pretty cool thing that he's doing." Despite the team being 14 games below .500, Holt has seen some positives, although he did admit it's been a disappointing year for everyone. "I think our job is to come out and play regardless of how things have gone in the past," Holt said. "The season obviously hasn't gone the way we wanted it to go, or anyone else for that matter. We've done some good things. Younger guys are starting to play. Obviously [Xander Bogaerts] has had a tremendous year for us. He plays one of the main positions on the field for us, shortstop, so that's been big for us. Our pitching has been better of late. We've been banged up, man -- [Clay] Buchholz, [Rick] Porcello now, but Porcello is coming back. I think we have a good group. We just have to keep going on the path we've been on of late." Personally, Holt struggled a bit following the All-Star break, which he attributed to possibly fatigue coming out of the break. He's performed better of late, as he's batting .276 in August. He attributed the better performance to using a lighter bat. "I think so. I was tired there for awhile," he said. "I wasn't getting to some pitches I usually get to and I was confused -- I wasn't doing anything different, my swing is pretty simple. I wasn't able to square anything up. I was fouling pitches off or just missing them -- pitches I usually get to. That's part of the learning process of playing so many games. I didn't get the All-Star break this year, but I think I'm starting to catch a second wind and I've started to switch to a lighter bat too, which has probably helped. I think I was just tied for awhile. It's a long season. It's a grind."