Cam Newton's first NFL OC on D&K details what it's like to work with QB on and off field

Ryan Hannable
July 01, 2020 - 12:09 pm

What are the Patriots getting in Cam Newton?

Not only is the quarterback a very impressive player on the field, but he's also a polarizing figure off it.

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Newton's first NFL offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski (2011-12), who is currently on the Boston College staff, joined Dale & Keefe on Wednesday to detail what the Patriots are getting.

“I love Cam," he said. "I think it is a great move. He’s had a tough few years here with some injuries and some of the situations he was in from that standpoint. It sounds like he is healthy and ready to go, and I think it is just a great move. I think Josh (McDaniels) will really enjoy being around him. Cam loves football. He is a really unique person. He’s an emotional person. I think everybody knows that. I think it comes from a great place. Extremely competitive. He wants to win and he loves a challenge. Any time he is in those situations where he feels like he has to prove himself or be at his best, whether it is a game or whether it is a time in his career at different points in his career, he’s always risen to be at his best and to play at his best.

"Everybody will enjoy it. And not just from the football standpoint, just being around Cam and knowing how he is with people and with kids and with people around the community, he’s just fantastic. 

“… It will be a great fit and Josh and Coach (Bill) Belichick and everybody over there — Jedd Fisch I know as well as the quarterbacks coach — they are some of the best in the business, if not the best in the business. It will be a great thing I think.”

From afar many think Newton's personality is a negative and it comes across as him being more about himself than the team. 

Chudzinski said it's different when you are around him.

“Cam is about the team and I think it is how he expresses those things as an emotional person," he said. "You need some of that. You need some of, you want the attention, you want the ball at the end of the game, you want to be the best. Some of that comes with the territory and I think Cam has grown and matured over time. Like I said, it comes from a good place.

"The level of a competitor that he is and in the locker room how he is with the guys and I think you’ll see him out in the community and how he is with a little kid. And the things he does on his own and he’s not looking for some kid of retribution or people to say anything positive about him for what he does in the community when he just hears about things. He’s got a big heart. When you know him you take it in a different way than maybe when people just see things that don’t know him as well as we do that do.”

Newton will compete with Jarrett Stidham for the starting job in replacing Tom Brady.

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