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Chris Mannix on D&K: Warriors better for Celtics in potential NBA Finals matchup

Ryan Hannable
May 24, 2018 - 5:39 pm

The Celtics are one win away from going to the NBA Finals, as they lead the Cavs 3-2 in the best-of-seven series. If they were to win, they would face whoever comes out of the Western Conference -- the Warriors or Rockets. 

Many would assume the Celtics would prefer to avoid the Warriors, but not according to Yahoo! Sports' Chris Mannix. Appearing on Dale & Keefe Thursday, Mannix said he believes Golden State is the better matchup.

“Definitely Golden State," he said. "It sounds crazy because of the talent of the Warriors, but just the way their switching defense has given Golden State problems over the years, that gives the Celtics confidence. Look, the Celtics from the top down, they are lunatics. They think they can win this year. They are convinced they can win this year. I think that is a lot to ask.

"… They are convinced that this team has the talent to beat anybody, including Golden State. If you look back at the last couple of years, they had Isaiah [Thomas] last year, they had Kyrie [Irving] this year, those guys provided real offensive punch in the games they won against the Warriors, but that switching defense gave Golden State a lot of problems. That switching defense isn’t as effective going against an isolation-heavy team like the Houston Rockets. It’s a slim margin, but I think Golden State, they are little better equipped to play against.”

Mannix also noted how important Brad Stevens is to their confidence.

“The blind faith, and I say that complimentary, the blind faith they have in him is incredible," he said. "How often do you guys hear tape on somebody or read a quote sheet where they say, ‘Coach said this and this happened’ or ‘Coach did this.’ I am telling you, I cover the league and have been around a lot of teams, you don’t hear it a lot.”

Game 6 between the Celtics and Cavs is Friday in Cleveland.


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