Dave Dombrowski was introduced as Red Sox president of baseball operations Wednesday. (WEEI.com photo)

Dave Dombrowski: 'I'm not here to blow up the operation'; Plans on meeting with John Farrell

Ryan Hannable
August 19, 2015 - 11:10 am

With new president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski coming in and being formally introduced at a press conference on Wednesday, many have wondered what this means for current members of the baseball ops team. Ben Cherington has already said he will no longer work with the team following the season, as he will help with the transition. Dombrowski had many people working in Detroit under him that he had worked with for a long time. He said Wednesday he doesn't want to "blow up the operation." "I think it's important to know and I've talked to some people in the front office very quickly in the baseball end of it and I'm not here to blow up the operation," Dombrowski said. "There's a lot of good people here. They have good reputations. When I originally went to Detroit we kept everybody there and evaluated them over a time period. I think it's a situation where I look to hopefully enhance what we have and work together closely and we if we can add people to the organization from wherever it may be, we're open-minded to that. I hope that most of the people here will be in a position to stay and be able to help." Manager John Farrell worked closely with Cherington and while Farrell is currently being treated for Stage 1 lymphoma, Dombrowski was able to connect with him Tuesday night. Dombrowski said him getting healthy is the number one priority. "I think first and foremost and I don't know John real well, we've crossed paths -- we know each other a little bit. I wouldn't say we know each other real well," he said. "I told him first and foremost you need to take care of your health and that's the most important thing. He's a very respected individual in the game and I don't even think at this point -- as I told him, 'You take care of yourself. When you have an opportunity to visit in person, you call me and let me know and we'll work out on getting together.' "He thought he would be able to visit by the end of this homestand so we'll sit down and visit just really to get to know each other even better and get his feeling on the ball club."