David Price blasts Dennis Eckersley for bringing up 2017 incident, not meeting with him

Ryan Hannable
July 17, 2019 - 3:49 pm

On Wednesday morning, David Price took to Twitter to react to Dennis Eckerley's comments on their 2017 incident in a recent Boston Globe feature.

Later on at Fenway Park, he addressed them again with the assembled media, but this time in more pointed fashion calling it "trash." Price also noted the two were supposed to meet to hash things out in 2017, but Eckersley did not show up.

"The fact that it was over two years ago now," Price told reporters. "The fact that he wanted to move on but since then he’s went on the radio and talked about it, done it again. In 2017, I addressed it. Told you guys in front of the camera that I wished I had handled it differently. I did it again in 2018 on Day 1. Said the same thing. We had a meeting set up in 2017 here at the field. Got here early. An hour and a half, 2 hours after I get here, they come and tell me he’s not coming. We had a meeting. He backed out. I was going to tell him, I apologize, I didn’t handle it the right way and it continues to come up. There’s no reason for it.

"Honestly, I just think it’s trash. He had an unbelievable career, 25 seasons. He’s a Hall of Famer. I saw his special on MLB Network. It was cool. One thing that stood out to me is he had zero former teammates in that interview. Not one talking about him. It was him talking about himself. If anybody ever does a special about me after baseball, I won’t need to go on that interview. I will have former teammates, former coaches, they can all vouch for me. He didn’t have that. To me, that’s all you need to know. That tells the entire story right there. My teammates will vouch for me, my coaches will vouch for me. He doesn’t have that, so he has to vouch for himself.

"I’m going to stick up for myself at all times. I don’t care what backlash I get, the negative attention, I’m fine with that. But I’m going to speak up for myself, stand up for myself and he either needs to move on or we can meet. One of the two. If he says he wants to move on, stop talking about it. That’s the way that I feel about it."

Price is open to meet with the former pitcher, but noted Eckersley is the one who backed out before.

"I've already tried to reach out to him," he said. "If he wants to meet, we can meet. I'm fine with it. I'll apologize to him face-to-face. I've done it -- this is my third time now in front of the media. But I'm sure he'll speak about it again."

Bottom line, it appears Price wants to move on, but is upset Eckersley has commented on it again two years after the fact.

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