Devin McCourty: I like the guys Bill Belichick has added to Patriots defense

Ryan Hannable
May 29, 2020 - 10:52 am

The Patriots defense will look a lot different in 2020 after losing several key contributors this offseason, including Duron Harmon, Kyle Van Noy, Jamie Collins and Elandon Roberts.

While Bill Belichick did not add any huge names to replace them, he did add a number of versatile players, which has Devin McCourty excited for the upcoming season.

"I like the guys (he brought in)," McCourty said in an interview with Karen Guregian of The Boston Herald. "That’s what it’s about more than anything. We’ll figure out the football and all of that. We’ve had our secondary meetings, and I really like our secondary, even the new guys. You have Myles (undrafted rookie slot corner Myles Bryant), and Kyle (Dugger, second round pick). They’re two rookies who’ve been in the meetings recently. With AP (Adrian Phillips) and Cody (Davis), they’re guys who have come in and have been in this league for a while. So they bring in versatility, and I love how we’re always laughing and joking on the virtual calls, and text messages. I do like our group.

"I think we match fairly well personality-wise, so that’ll be fun. I think it’ll be about putting it together as a team. Virtually, what’s hard, is we haven’t been all together. We spend a good amount of time with the DBs, but like, when you’re on a virtual call, and the squad is 90 guys, you know you’re not really together. It’s a lot different than when you’re in a locker room. So we’ll still have to build that up. Our team will be whatever we are by the end of the season. We just have to be ready to work at it every day, not just a good day here, a bad day there. We’re going to have to really work at it day in and day out."

McCourty also was asked how the virtual meetings have gone.

"It’s going," he said. "It’s so different than anything you’ve ever done. One of the biggest things for me, is my kids. My kids are always involved. Like today, a couple of times I forgot to mute, and I’m yelling at them, 'cuz I’m trying to watch them, and let them go outside, because it’s a nice day. But I’m also outside (on the virtual call), so that has been a big difference.

"But one of the positives, is just with us not being in the facility, all our football time is spent doing football for however long we’re on. We’re kind of like walking through the steps we would take, the learning part of it whether it’s terminology, whether it’s install, it’s really been at a pace that I think younger guys, or guys that are in the first or second year in the system, even guys who have been in the system for a couple years, I think it’s opened their eyes up to some more things they’re understanding: the why of the defense, the how … you’re starting to get some real thinking and understanding. I can see guys really getting it more."

McCourty, who was a free agent this offseason, re-signed with New England just before free agency began. This will be his 11th season with the Patriots.

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