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Devin McCourty not buying into loss to Titans being wake-up call: 'Losing sucks'

Ryan Hannable
November 14, 2018 - 9:51 am

FOXBORO -- After winning six straight games, the Patriots suffered their worst loss of the season, 34-10, last Sunday in Nashville.

Even with the loss, the Patriots are 7-3 and come close to controlling their own fate in the AFC, but some have said it came at a good time to give the team a wake-up call as it approaches the stretch run.

Speaking Tuesday, Devin McCourty didn't want to call it that.

"Losing sucks," he said. "I think there’s always lessons to be learned but you have to – in this league, you speak about those lessons when it happens, but it doesn’t matter unless you change what happens going forward. We can see the stuff we did wrong in the game and all of that and it’s good; you have to do that. But it doesn’t really matter if you don’t fix it going forward. I think you always have to be careful of saying like, 'We learned a lesson and now we know.' We’ve just got to go do those things. It’s not as important to kind of say it in your head and talk about it, but to come and put that work to use and try to show up for the following weeks."

McCourty did note losing the game before the bye week does impact things a little bit.

"I just think the morale changes," he said. "I think it’s a better feeling coming in here obviously after a win going into the bye week. But I think no matter what, the work that we were going to have to do of coming in, self-scouting, seeing what we need to do – like that’s always been the same. This is my ninth year. I don’t remember when we’ve won or loss on a bye week but I remember all bye weeks kind of being the same – obviously depending on if it’s Week 4 bye week compared to like this year, Week 11, that changes a little bit. But the type of work and what we need to get done has kind of been very similar."

The Patriots will be off this weekend before traveling to New York to take on the Jets Thanksgiving weekend.

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