Alex Cora

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Don't bother tweeting at Alex Cora this season because he's not going to see it

Ryan Hannable
March 30, 2018 - 6:12 pm

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Red Sox Nation was clearly upset following Thursday's Opening Day 6-4 loss to the Rays.

In the six-run eighth inning, manager Alex Cora, who was managing his first big league game, made a few decisions that could have been questioned by some, and since this is 2018, a lot of that frustration comes out on Twitter.

Many fans may have tweeted their displeasure at Cora, who is on Twitter (@ac13alex), but he didn't see it.

“I don’t have the notifications," Cora said Friday. "You go to filters and you can go don’t get notifications from the people that [don't] follow you, the new followers, and you can block whoever you want.”

The Red Sox manager acknowledged he replayed the game in his head, but it was nothing out of the ordinary.

“I thought about it," he said. "You have to go over it. It’s not that I watched the game, but I knew what happened. There were certain plays that — we talk about that ball yesterday with Mookie [Betts]. I thought it hit the umpire. I went to see it and actually it hit Wilson [Ramos] on the back leg. It disappeared. So as a runner, you don’t see the ball, you take off, but it actually hit his leg. It wasn’t the umpires leg.

"But, you go over the plays. Then after that it’s business as usual."

While Cora may be on social media, it appears he will not allow the negativity to get to him.