ESPN's T.J. Quinn on M&C: People close to Robert Kraft can't believe he hasn't taken plea agreement

Ryan Hannable
April 18, 2019 - 9:48 am

Wednesday was an eventful day in the Robert Kraft case as prosecutors said in court papers it is obligated under Florida law to provide the Kraft video to the public, but then his team fought back and immediately filed a motion to block it until there's a hearing.

ESPN's T.J. Quinn, who has been on the case from the beginning, joined Mut & Callahan Thursday to discuss the events of Wednesday, as well as the case as a whole.

At the beginning it seemed like Kraft's play was to leverage himself for a plea deal, but now it seems he's all in.

“At first it sounded like it’s a strategy, of course they are going to say that, you’re not going to say publicly, ‘Yeah, we’ll give in as soon as it makes sense.’ All their actions so far have been reflective of the idea that Kraft is going to spend any amount of money it takes to fight this," Quinn said. "He has hired a very prestigious, powerful New York law firm to back him up. I can’t imagine the hours he’s been billed so far just to do this.

"Like you saw yesterday, when the prosecutors filed an intent to release that video they scrambled and had two motions to intervene filed very quickly. You could tell they were scrambling because there were typos you don’t see in other typos, but they were so desperate to get those filed and try and stop it from happening.”

Quinn also noted there are some people in Kraft's circle who are surprised he's gone to these lengths.

“There are people around him who have said to me they can’t believe he doesn’t just take this plea agreement, this diversion agreement that they offered and say, ‘OK, fine, I did this. I am sorry.’ And then move on with it," he said. "They are pretty amazed that he’s going to continue to fight it like this."

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