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Malcolm Butler offers possible reason as to why he was benched in Super Bowl LII

Ryan Hannable
July 28, 2018 - 4:36 pm

Malcolm Butler being benched in Super Bowl LII is the story that won't go away, but maybe it finally can.

The former Patriots cornerback did an extensive feature with ESPN and within it his Super Bowl LII experience was brought up. Butler was asked about being benched in the game and gave the same answer as he did back in March when he said he may not have been 100 percent locked in and focused the week of the game.

“You know, Bill Belichick is a great coach and he makes good decisions. We all make good decisions and we make bad decisions," he said in the ESPN feature. "Obviously, it didn’t work out good for me, him, or the New England Patriots organization, but he calls the shots. It is what it is.”

Butler added: “I’ll just say preparation is the best way to win and maybe they didn’t see 100 percent mentally or physically [the] Malcolm Butler they usually see.”

Belichick was asked multiple times about the decision at his Wednesday press conference this week, but the coach wouldn't give anything on the subject noting it happened last year.

This is the second time Butler has mentioned preparation leading into the game (he arrived to Minnesota a day late after being sick), so the decision for him not to play seems to be as simple as Belichick just not feeling he was not 100 percent focused for the game, and felt other players gave them a better chance to win.

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