Brian Flores details Jason McCourty's touchdown-saving play in Super Bowl LIII

Ryan Hannable
February 05, 2019 - 7:52 pm

The Patriots never trailed in Super Bowl LIII, and they owe a lot of that to cornerback Jason McCourty.

In the third quarter, Brandin Cooks was wide open in the end zone, but Rams quarterback Jared Goff took a little bit to see him, which gave McCourty time to sprint roughly 20 yards in two seconds and help break up a pass that would have given the Rams the lead.

And who knows what would have happened from there?

Appearing on PFT Live, Brian Flores, who is now the head coach of the Dolphins, explained the what happened.

“It was a play we saw earlier in the game,” Flores said. “We talked about the play. We actually had it covered a little bit better earlier in the game.”

Flores continued: “They went back to it. We knew that they were going to go back to it. We had a miscommunication. Jason, he made the play of the game. It was an incredible effort play is really what it was. And that’s something we talk about on a day-to-day basis. We had a guy make a mistake. We had a guy cover for him. And then it ended up being the play of the game. I was so happy for Jason because you know he’s had, you know, he was 0-16 a year ago [with the Browns>. He came in here and he worked and this was an up-and-down season, I’m so happy for him to go out and win it.”

Breaking down the film, PMT Live concluded Jason's brother Devin was the one who should have stayed with Cooks in coverage.

If not for a twin helping a twin, the Rams would have taken a 7-3 lead and perhaps changed the entire game.

Just another reason the Patriots should be thankful for acquiring the veteran last offseason.

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