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Danny Amendola opens up on time with Patriots, including comparing Bill Belichick to a principal

Ryan Hannable
July 19, 2018 - 10:23 am

After spending five years with the Patriots, Danny Amendola signed a two-year, $12 million deal with the Dolphins this offseason.

The wide receiver was a bit critical of the Patriots in the weeks after signing with the Dolphins and appearing on Barstool Sports' Comeback Szn podcast with Kayce Smith this week, Amendola opened up more on his time in New England.

"I got to play for the greatest coach of time, [with] the greatest quarterback of all time and [for] one of the greatest owners of all-time [Robert Kraft]," he said. "I got to understand what it was like to put the work in and really grind it out -- and learn how to win."

When asked to compare his new coach, Adam Gase, to Belichick he compared his old coach to a principal.

"Adam Gase is one of the guys," Amendola said. "He's our leader. He's our head coach, but he's also our boy. It's cool. It's refreshing to have that kind of relationship with a coach, which is something that I haven't had in a long time. You want to fight hard [for a coach like that]. Back in New England, it was almost like you've got a principal and a principal's office and [stuff] like that. You know, in a good way. And in a bad way, too."

“It’s been great,” Amendola added on his time so far in Miami. “It’s worked out amazing. All the guys are cool. The team is cool, my group is cool. The coaches are awesome. Coach Gase is one of the guys. He’s our leader, he’s our head coach, but he’s also our boy. So it’s cool. It’s refreshing to have that kind of relationship with a coach, something I haven’t had in a long time. I facetimed coach Gase yesterday just to [expletive] with him, just to talk to him. I was talking to his kids. I have a relationship with him that’s real unique, something I haven’t had in a while.”

Amendola also shared a few good Kentucky Derby stories from his time in New England.

"[Going] to the [Kentucky] Derby every year after we won the Super Bowl with Tom was fun," he said. "We'd gas up the jet and we'd get down there and four or five Louisville cops would pick us up. We could literally do whatever we wanted with cops by our side . . . of course, Gronk and [Julian Edelman] being there [spices things] up a bit. And when you're with Brady, every head in the building turns. He changes the energy in any room. It's fun. It's adult fun.

"I went to the Derby twice and I don't think I saw a horse one time. [Wes] Welker, one year, brought in a boombox.. We created our own club vibe in there. Wes brought like $500,000 in fake 20s and 100s stacked it up on the table and everybody thought it was real money. ... Another year, we had a karaoke machine. And this is like in the most distinguished area of the Derby. People are suited and booted -- and we have a karaoke machine. Travis Tritt was there -- and he sang 'Sweet Home Alabama'. It was awesome. It was electric."

Amendola will face his former team in Week 4 in New England.

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