Bart Scott calls out Bill Belichick for not acknowledging him prior to AFC championship game

Ryan Hannable
April 16, 2019 - 3:54 pm

It's well known Bart Scott does not like Bill Belichick and the Patriots, which is why it's not a surprise to hear a story Scott told on Bleacher Report's "The Lefkoe Show" Monday when he was working for CBS on site at an AFC title game.

"We were on the sidelines. It's the AFC championship," he said. "Me, [Bill] Cowher and Tony [Gonzalez] are sitting there chopping it up because this is me and Tony's first AFC championship -- we're not in the studio, we're on the set and it's cool, it's loud. It's the AFC championship. [Belichick] walks up, shakes Tony's hand, speaks to Tony. Speaks to Bill [Cowher].

"I'm literally standing, we're almost shoulder-to-shoulder. He says absolutely nothing to me. He doesn't even look at me. And at that point I'm like look, 'Bro, now you being an a--hole. It's fine you being an a--hole over there, but you came over to us.'"

It's unclear what AFC title game Scott is referring to.

Scott's dislike for the Patriots really began when he was with the Jets and they beat the Patriots in the 2010 divisional round and he had his famous "can't wait" line afterwards.

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