Charlie Weis on M&C: Patriots will 'stomp' Rams in Super Bowl LIII

Ryan Hannable
January 29, 2019 - 11:19 am

Charlie Weis spent a lot of time with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, as he was the Patriots' offensive coordinator from 2000-04. Obviously, Weis knows a thing or two about the Patriots in Super Bowls, especially against the Rams.

Appearing on Mut & Callahan, Weis gave his prediction for Sunday's matchup with L.A.

“I think the [Patriots] are going to stomp on them," he said. "I think the game is going to go one of two ways, and not to be a hypocrite and play both sides of the fence, I believe the Pats are going to stomp them. That is what I think is going to happen. Now with that being said, if the Rams can stop the running game, and double [Julian] Edelman, I think they will have a chance.”

Weis added: “They have to do two things. Their front-four has to stop the run game. That is the first thing they have to do because the Rams run defense has basically been non-existent most of the year. They showed up the last couple of weeks because part of what the Patriots are right now is they run the ball very, very efficiently. If you can stop the running game without having to bring extra guys into stop the running game — basically, the outside receivers for the Patriots are nondescript. Not that they don’t make any plays, but they are nondescript​.

"Really, the offense runs between Edelman and [Rob] Gronkowski. And in the passing game James White and in the running game [Sony] Michel. If you can get into a game where you can stop the running game and try to minimize the damage to Edelman, then you are going to have a chance.”

Speaking of Gronkowski, Weis acknowledged the tight end is not the same player he once was.

“He’s slowed down," said Weis. "You get beat up. As years go on you get beat up. I think he’s running around fine, but he is not running around like he was five years ago. It is a little different guy.”

The Patriots will take on the Rams Sunday night in Atlanta.

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