Dion Lewis doesn't regret trash-talk: 'They all know it was fun and games'

Ryan Hannable
August 14, 2019 - 2:13 pm

NASHVILLE -- After the Titans blew the Patriots out, 34-10, last November, Dion Lewis had some choice words about his former team.

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After the Patriots didn't re-sign him in the offseason, Lewis called the game "personal" and then continued on Twitter with several GIFs in response to things people said.

Speaking after Wednesday's joint practice with the Patriots, Lewis didn't seem to regret what he said.

“Nah, man," he said when asked if any of his former teammates took issue with it. "They all know it was fun and games and guys were talking trash today. That is what you do. When you go against somebody, you talk trash and compete. You try and get better.”

While he doesn't seem to regret it, he did acknowledge the Patriots got the last laugh.

“Nah, it’s over. They won the Super Bowl," he said. "… They won the Super Bowl. I am just honored to be out with these guys working and guys on our team get to see how they work, the championship level work every day. … It is great for our team to go against those guys.”

Lewis was also asked if he still has a chip on his shoulder from the Patriots passing on him as a free agent.

“That’s over," he said. "I am here trying to get better, going against the Super Bowl winning team. The only thing we can do is come out here every day trying to get better and I am blessed to have the opportunity to go against those guys in practice. It will definitely help us moving into the season.”

While he said everything is in the past, it doesn't mean Lewis has stopped playing with a chip on his shoulder going all the way back to following college when a lot of people doubted him and it took awhile for him to truly showcase his talent on the NFL stage.

“The chip is still there," said Lewis. "The chip has to be there. That is just who I am. That is how I play. I have to come out here fiery, with a chip, talking trash. That is who I am. I like to have fun and work hard. That is who I am and I am going to continue to be that way until they don’t allow me to come out here and play football anymore.”

Lewis and the Titans will practice again with the Patriots Thursday before Saturday's preseason game.

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