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Bill O'Brien identifies one part of Tom Brady's game that has improved since he was in New England

Ryan Hannable
September 05, 2018 - 10:33 am

FOXBORO -- It's been seven years since Texans coach Bill O'Brien was Tom Brady's offensive coordinator with the Patriots, and even though Brady is now in his 40s, O'Brien has noticed one area of his game improve since he left.

His mobility.

"I mean, there’s – to me, like I think he’s actually improved if he was able to do that," O'Brien said on a conference call Tuesday, "Look, I think this guy is a great football player, he works so hard at all the different parts of his game relative to mechanics and knowledge of the game, knowledge of his teammates. He’s always working at it. I can remember when I was there, phone calls in the offseason, you know, “What’s happening here? Hey, I was thinking about this.” You know, always thinking about football and how to get the edge and that’s why he’s the player he is and he’s had the career that he’s had and that’s why he’s still playing. Because he’s found that edge and he continues to try to get better every single day."

Added O'Brien: "First of all, people talk about the later parts of his career. I don’t really see where his – you know, I don’t know when his career’s going to be over because he’s playing at a – I mean, he was the MVP last year, you know what I mean? So, like when is his – I don’t even know what the definition of latter part of this guy’s career would be. He’s the MVP of the league last year. So, I think that with every veteran player that’s lasted over 10 to 15 years in our league, whatever position they play, they always find a way to take care of their bodies in different ways. You know, every guy does it in different ways and they find a way to keep their legs in shape, to keep their upper bodies in shape, to keep their minds sharp relative to the game and obviously Tom [Brady] does a great job of that."

O'Brien didn't mention him by name, but it's apparent when he talks about Brady taking care of his body he's referring to Alex Guerrero and the TB12 Method, which Brady has credited to keeping him playing at such a high level given his age.

Brady and the Patriots will meet O'Brien and the Texans Sunday afternoon at Gillette Stadium.

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