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How Bill Belichick answered questions about Alex Guerrero on Wednesday

Ryan Hannable
December 20, 2017 - 2:18 pm

FOXBORO -- In a story published Wednesday in the Boston Globe, it was reported Bill Belichick has banned Tom Brady’s personal trainer, Alex Guerrero from road trips and standing on the sidelines during games. Also, he can only work with Brady in his office inside Gillette Stadium. Other players must go to the TB12 Center located just steps away in the Patriot Place location.

On Wednesday, Belichick was asked a few questions about the situation, although a few in an awkward way.

Here's how the exchanges went.

Q: Do you still meet with the quarterbacks every week?

Belichick: I meet with all the players all the time.

Q: How would you describe your working relationship with Tom? Has anything changed this year?

Belichick: Well, every year is different.

Q: Coach, would you say that Tom’s relationship with his trainer is like if your adult son or child is hanging out with somebody you didn’t really care for all that much? I mean, it’s your adult child. What are you supposed to say?

Belichick: I’m not really sure what — I mean, you’re talking about my children? I don’t think that’s appropriate here. I’m trying to coach a football team.

Q: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make it personal, I was just thinking...

Belichick: I mean, really, what are we talking about here?

Q: I just meant is it something that kind of frustrates you because it takes the focus off of him taking coaching from you, in your opinion?

Belichick: Again, there’s a lot of pronouns there. I don’t really know who’s talking about what. Sorry.

Clearly, Belichick didn't want to address the subject and since the questions were not direct, it gave him an out.

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