Ian Rapoport explains how Patriots could spend extra money, squashes Jadeveon Clowney rumors

Ryan Hannable
July 14, 2020 - 1:10 pm

Over the weekend, the Patriots freed up some cap space as they received settlements in compensation grievances with Antonio Brown ($4 million) and Aaron Hernandez ($2.55 million).

After having less than $1 million in cap space last week to now having close to $8 million now, many are wondering what the team will do with the extra money and wondering if Jadeveon Clowney is at all a possibility as he remains a free agent.

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Appearing on The Pat McAfee Show Tuesday, NFL Media's Ian Rapoport threw some cold water on the rumor, while also explained what the Patriots will likely do with their extra money.

“I think Clowney wants to get paid, and I think his thinking is, and I know this is a Patriots question, but to Clowney first: Clowney’s thinking is basically like, ‘Where can I get paid as much as possible? And if I don’t have to go to training camp, for a lot of it, that will probably be OK,’" Rapoport said. "Remember, he did that last year. He made $15 million in late, late August or early September, I forget what it was, and that worked out fine. I think for him it is like, ‘Why wouldn’t I do the same?’ Also, do you think he missed anything in the spring? He missed some Zoom meetings.

"… I think Clowney would just like to make a lot of money. I know he wants a one-year deal. I don’t think he would take just a little tiny deal from the Patriots. To me, this is more about signing their draft picks and making sure they have flexibility to do let’s just say what the Eagles just did with Jason Peters, which is if something terrible happens and 'we need to spend an extra $2 million on a guard or a running back, or something -- we need to have a little flexibility.'"

As of Tuesday, the Patriots have $7.8 million in cap space.

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