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If Lions' reported interest in Malcolm Butler is real, things could get interesting

Ryan Hannable
March 13, 2018 - 8:18 am

On Monday, it was reported a few teams had shown interest in free agent cornerback Malcolm Butler, including the Saints and Texans, which isn't all that surprising given their needs and cap situations.

Then Monday night, NBC Sports Boston's Mike Giardi added the Lions are also "quite interested" in his services.

Now, that could be interesting.

There's no shot of the cornerback returning to New England, but Detroit would be one of the more fascinating teams he could sign with. Why? Because it would be pretty telling.

Bill Belichick apparently was the one behind benching Butler in Super Bowl LII, but if he signs with the Lions wouldn't new head coach Matt Patricia be going against his former boss, indicating whatever Butler did wasn't that big of a deal and he's still a good player? So Belichick didn't think he was good enough to play in a Super Bowl, but Patricia feels he's worth say a three-year contract?

That just doesn't seem to add up.

If in fact the Lions did sign Butler, Patricia would be pressed on why Butler didn't play in the Super Bowl because that plays into the team signing him. It would be a major part of the story. 

So while Belichick himself likely won't be giving any answers as to why Butler didn't play in the game, if the Lions sign Butler perhaps we will get one.

Let's hope it happens.

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