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James White won't complain about decreased touches of late

Ryan Hannable
December 20, 2018 - 9:17 am

FOXBORO -- Over the last three games, James White has had three of his four fewest playing time games (in terms of percentage of snaps). This has a lot to do with Rex Burkhead's return, and it is also showing up in his number of touches.

White's production seems to directly correlate to the success of the team.

In wins, White is averaging 13 touches per game and 91.8 total yards, but in losses he’s averaging 7.4 touches per game and 45.2 yards. When he has 13 or more carries/targets the Patriots are 9-0, but when he has 12 or fewer, they’re 0-5.

Speaking Wednesday, the running back said he isn't one to complain because he knows how the Patriots offense works.

"We have guys, lots of different role players – I just try and play my role each and every week," White said. "You can play 10 snaps, you can play 60 snaps. It just kind of depends how the defense is matching up against us and the flow of the game. All of us are trying to make the most of the opportunities that we get. Like I said, it could be me one week. It could be somebody else another week. I can’t complain because one game I’m not touching the ball more than the previous game."

He added: "I just try to make the most of the opportunities that I get whether it’s more work, less work. You’ve just got to capitalize on what you get."

White may get the ball more Sunday against the Bills since in the last meeting he had 10 receptions.

"They play a lot of zone defense so naturally versus zone defense, a lot of check-downs can happen," he said. "So not just myself – Rex [Burkhead], Sony [Michel] have to be available there if we’re open, catch the ball, get as many yards as possible and protect it. They’re a defense that makes you drive the ball down the field so they’re going to make you work for it."

The Patriots can clinch a 10th straight AFC East title with a win.

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